Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to light up the world with the power of purposeful, large scale conversations—that is why we exist. Everything we’ve done up to this point with our MaestroConference platform and the 8 million+ participants we've hosted have pointed toward this goal.

With this new VoiceVoice technology, we are going to be able to more effectively, more impactfully work towards fulfilling this mission. By having repeated, live, real conversations that are fully automated and happening constantly, we will be able to invite more people into discovering how purposeful conversations can change the world through dialogue and action.

Meet The Team

Brian Burt

Founder & CEO

At Charles Schwab, Brian led many multi-million-dollar technology projects in the areas of telephone technology, marketing, and CRM systems. He has also led a very successful consulting firm specializing in large technology project leadership, and has co-hosted events with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and many others. He is a skilled facilitator who also holds a Master's degree in Mathematics / Mathematical Economics.

Imran Moinuddin

Chief Technology Officer

A Stanford-trained technologist, Imran has developed numerous applications for biotechnology, media, and marketing companies. He brings deep expertise in web and mobile products conceptualization and systems/infrastructure performance optimization. He is an expert in leveraging open source software and leads a team of 6 engineers for MaestroConference.

Christopher Kyle

Board Member

Chris is a speaker, teacher, business coach, e-learning expert. From February 2016 to current, he has served as founder of Launch Academy, a live online training program that guides participants through a proven process to build out their online learning platform and grow their global community. Chris also walks-his-talk by developing and teaching his own public online learning programs in the areas of purpose, success and authentic leadership under his brand, ChrisKyle.com.

Julian Martinez

Board Member & Director of Marketing

Julian has spent the past 7+ years building multi-channel marketing programs from scratch. Before joining MaestroConference, he served as first marketing hire for an ecommerce startup and co-founded a boutique marketing agency that provided marketing services to over 200 clients, including Living Spaces, a US Top 35 furniture brand, and Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria, the pizza chain that Ellen Generes had delivered live on-air to the 2014 Oscars. Julian holds a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University.

Ami Dhaliwal

Lead UX & Product Designer

Has previously worked with several non-profits, startups and social enterprise companies leading their design and user research efforts. Holds a B.A. in Research Methodology of Communication Studies from San Francisco State University