A Revolutionary Platform for Conversations.

Purposeful and intimate conversations, scalable to millions of people


A new technology platform.

The VoiceVoice platform enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale, allowing host organizations to create real community.

These conversations aren’t typed comments or twitter exchanges, but deep live conversations with voice and video.

The Details

Here's how it works:

Pre-Recorded Instructions

The host uploads (or selects from YouTube) inspirational content as well as instructions or questions to guide the group discussion.

Live Video-Chat Discussion

The focus shifts to fellow participants automatically after each video.

Customizable Controls

Participants navigate with host-authored buttons through additional content such as: subsequent lectures, facilitation instructions, Q&A’s, or whatever the host authors.


Conversation-driven action.

The focus shifts to fellow participants automatically after each video. This enables people to have a memorable, engaging discussion that creates strong support and drives mutually agreed upon action.


Other Benefits


Group Output

The Host also devises any group output: a statement or proposal to the next team, putting notes on a Wiki, a quiz, or a URL.


Event & Data Control

The Host has the ability to: adjust content, instructions or scheduling options; start a live chat or video conference with the group; collect all data about the event, including recording of the live discussion (in development.)


Appeal to Virality

The Host includes content with an appeal to share the URL, and we'll provide social links (Facebook, Twitter, sample emails) on a dedicated page.

We've hosted more than


Participants on our technology platforms *

...and supported hundreds of organizations in creating interactive events that get up to 75% opt-in rates.

(*) Hosted mostly on the MaestroConference platform.

Our Customers

People Who Trust Us.

We've helped organizations like Airbnb, Obama Campaign, the National Association of Realtors, Stanford University and the Sierra Club, to develop and host meaningful conversations with technology and services.

Our Customers

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