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Interested in driving results for your organization through high-impact conversations?
Here are a few things to know.

How do I choose the format that’s right for my organization?

There are a lot of options. Tell us about your mission, and the people you want to engage, and we’ll share more about the best options. Or check out our Conversation Formats outline for some examples of what’s possible with conversations.

What is this? What does VoiceVoice mean?

VoiceVoice is the conversation company. We previously developed MaestroConference, which has been used by over 8 million participants. Customers include Obama for America, Stanford University, Airbnb and Greenpeace, among many others.

We’re now introducing the VoiceVoice platform, to go beyond traditional conferencing software with a new technology that enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale.

We have two major offerings. First, we sell our technology to customer organizations, who host highly interactive conversations at scale. Second, we produce select conversations with partners, which gives us the opportunity to illustrate the power and possibilities for purposeful conversations, helps us develop relationships with potential customers, and also generates sponsorship revenue.

I see you create unique interactive events. Who gets the word out?

While we have an invitation team, it’s best if you have a substantial email list or other following, are networked with people who do, or have a budget for the event invitation process. We are especially skilled at creating invitations that stand out, by putting people in the “driver’s seat” rather than them being a “content consumer”. So, you can expect much greater traction than any webinars or conference calls you’ve produced. That said, if you don’t have a substantial following, let’s talk about the options (media or organizational partners, or agency support) for getting the engagement you seek.

How do brands leverage VoiceVoice to support a mission-related cause or movement?

Participants on VoiceVoice conversations gain a meaningful and emotional association with your brand, and hear briefly from your organization during the event. Sponsoring brands will be associated with an altruistic, engaging event that people will love to interact with. Check out our customer list for more on the kinds of brands we work with.

How can this help my cause get more media exposure?

These are uniquely powerful events where participants generate a lot of content. Reporters want that! And because of the cutting-edge nature of VoiceVoice events, it creates a powerful opportunity for both earned and paid media. Each parallel conversation will have notes, crowdsourced output, and transcripts, allowing lots of material for reporting.

What are the main benefits of working with VoiceVoice?


Participants will have easy ways to opt in to sponsor offers; past events have yielded up to 75% opt-in rate from attendees.


Sponsors can deeply engage their employees, customers, vendors, and other community stakeholders with this series, increasing their involvement with the core values and mission of your organization.

Activation & Social Media

Participants can be organized into action when aligned with the event outcome. Suggested actions might include letter-writing, taking advantage of a discount offer for the Sponsor’s services, tweeting about the Sponsor’s services in new cities, etc.

How can we attract influential people?

Accomplished people with a large following are busy. It’s particularly hard to get them to travel, and they seldom attend unless there’s a podium for them. These events creates lots of places for people present—in parallel. The invitation to come and represent their organization/mission/cause in collaboration with other thought leaders can be very appealing. So with the right context, you can attract hundreds or thousands of such people to attend a single event.

Why can’t I just do this myself?

Innovative, scalable technology and best-in-class facilitation are the two main components of what VoiceVoice provides. While you can run a webinar or conference yourself, to make the most out of gathering thought leaders together requires deep expertise in facilitating conversations for action. With organizations like the 2012 Obama Campaign using our platform for over 35,000 events, we have a positive track record of serving top brands and we can help you inspire your stakeholders to take actions that get you results.

What organizations has VoiceVoice worked with?

Why VoiceVoice?

We are experts in bringing together large-scale, immersive, emotionally connected conversations, and we want to help you do that on behalf of your brand and your advertisers. We have a positive track record of serving top brands. Collectively, the organizations we work with have engaged over 7 million participants on our platform.

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