Coffee Chats, Hallway Hangouts, Watercooler Breaks

This online format is similar to what employees would have experienced in a typical office environment or what conference attendees would have expected during an in-person event before COVID. This type of event is used to bring different groups of people e.g. departments, teams, registrants together to network and get to know each other.

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How It’s Implemented

Clients design a simple 4-5 page event with introductions, basic questions and open-ended discussion rooms where people who have received the join link can connect and meet new people at any time, 24/7, either during scheduled times or spontaneously, instantly.

And given how fast and easy the instructional prompts or conversation design can be changed or customized, we’ve seen clients host multiple sessions with a wide range of different topics or themes so that their audience has a variety of conversations to participate in at any given time.


Examples of This Type of Event Include:




Water Coolers


World Cafes

Case Study


Corptax, the leading provider of business process and automation solutions for corporate tax, the Corptax team has created various VoiceVoice conversations with a wide range of interests and approaches.

Their Coffee Chat and Hallway Hangout sessions are meant to be the virtual equivalent to what would have been typical in-office encounters that happened organically, spontaneously, throughout the work day before the pandemic. These casual conversations facilitate connection across departments using a light-hearted discussion format about the day-to-day tasks with colleagues and partners. These virtual sessions are easy to join, readily available, and low-commitment, giving Corptax team members a chance for the much-needed face to face time with colleagues in a clever, innovative online format.

On the other hand, Corptax conversations such as “Data Management Discussion”, “Things I Automated in 2020” and “Women in Tax” are topical, registration-based events that are designed to be more tactical and bring specific groups together to share insights, strategies and knowledge on particular topics, in addition to serving as networking opportunities.