Strategic Lead Generation & Email Outreach

Organizations create a series of conversations on VoiceVoice designed to strategically engage a target audience or community around a relevant, ideally important topic or cause.

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How It Works

Host organizations email prospective leads: new and/or existing supporters, customer leads, sponsors, partners, thought leaders, university professors, college student leaders, micro-influencers, etc. with a unique invitation to join an online panel and contribute their thoughts and unique voice to this important conversation on VoiceVoice.

Using this strategic outreach approach coupled with the VoiceVoice technology, our team has helped clients generate phenomenal results: 5x-20x+ times higher than industry standard performance for cold emails, with positive email response rates of 15-25% and attendance rates of 8-10% from ice-cold, “out of the blue” list of emails. (We’ve also used this same approach for our own lead gen efforts—see our list of roundtables designed for strategic influencers here


Examples of This Type of Event Include:

Thought Leaders

Greenpeace’s Stop the Plastic
Invasion Series