Virtual Conferences: Before, During or After The Main Conference

For event attendees, the best part of a conference is the connections they make with each other during the event, and most attendees want a way to start building those connections before the conference starts and stay connected after it’s over.

But for event organizers, the amount of work it takes to plan, promote, and produce the main conference is almost a year-round commitment. So there’s little to no bandwidth, resources or energy to produce multiple and/or ongoing events before and after the conference.

So event organizers have used the VoiceVoice technology to launch “digital meetups”, a series of virtual roundtables designed to get registrants talking, networking, and engaging with each other in a very unique way before, during, and after the conference.

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How It’s Implemented

Using topics from the conference agenda to guide the instructional prompts- the discussion questions, the group activities, and incorporating LinkedIn connection opportunities- within the VoiceVoice conversation allows the event organizers to host multiple sessions at the same time, meaning that many parallel small groups are able to have the conversation at any time, thereby making the solution uniquely scalable, engaging and relevant for the conference host.


Examples of This Type of Event Include:

Digital Meetups

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Case Study


IF:Gathering, a Christian conference which gathers, equips and unleashes women to live out their purpose, has reached more than one million women in 179 countries since launching in 2014. Their Virtual IF:Table was the most accurate representation of what a guided breakout event would look like.

The team from IF:Gathering held a conference that was joined by hundreds of attendees from their community. To provide that element of networking that you’d usually get on a physical conference but not on a typical virtual one, they created this simple 8-page conversation about general topics about the ongoing conference, shared a link with all of the attendees, and the VoiceVoice platform took care of the process of creating breakout rooms for community members to engage, network and discuss said topics during an assigned time slot of an hour before resuming the conference lectures that were scheduled.

On the other hand, Corptax conversations such as “Data Management Discussion”, “Things I Automated in 2020” and “Women in Tax” are topical, registration-based events that are designed to be more tactical and bring specific groups together to share insights, strategies and knowledge on particular topics, in addition to serving as networking opportunities.