A Revolutionary Platform for Conversations.

Purposeful and intimate conversations, scalable to millions of people


A new technology platform.

VoiceVoice is a software platform for purposeful conversations that are both intimate and guided for each participant, yet totally scalable to thousands or millions of people.

VoiceVoice has all the tools necessary for a small group of people to have a meaningful, powerful conversation: ground rules, intro material, inspirational content, instructions or questions for conversation topics, etc.

And the technology is designed so that those conversations can be viral, enabling host organizations to create real community and foster powerful connections among their supporters.

What We Do

We Move People Into Action.

In VoiceVoice people can interact with each other as if they're in a live workshop,
which speeds up learning and spurs concrete action.

Mobilization & Fundraising

VoiceVoice is ideal for converting fans into donors. Third party donation platforms can be tightly integrated so people can quickly donate while still talking to the group.

Learning & Training

In VoiceVoice you set up the content and interactions the way you want, and because the group moves forward at their own pace, it makes it the ideal learning environment.

Marketing & Social

Our technology is designed so that conversations can be viral, enabling you to create real community and foster powerful connections among your supporters.

Featured Webinar

The Digital Plan - Tools & Strategy: VoiceVoice

Head over to The Digital Plan where Brad Caldana conducted a one-hour interview and Q&A with Brian Burt and Julian Martinez from VoiceVoice, where they explain what the VoiceVoice platform is all about and how it can strategically fit into your set of tools.


Conversation-driven action.

The focus shifts to fellow participants automatically after each video. This enables people to have a memorable, engaging discussion that creates strong support and drives mutually agreed upon action.

Our Customers

People Who Trust Us.

We've helped organizations like Airbnb, Obama Campaign, the National Association of Realtors, Stanford University and the Sierra Club, to develop and host meaningful conversations with technology and services.

Our Customers

People who have personally used our platforms in the past 2 years:

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Oprah Winfrey

Michelle Obama

Steve Case

Denzel Washington

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