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Purposeful conversations. Cutting-edge technology. Best-practice facilitation.

Our Customers

People Who Trust Us.

We've helped organizations like Airbnb, Obama Campaign, the National Association of Realtors, Stanford University and the Sierra Club, to develop and host meaningful conversations with technology and services.

Our Customers

People who have personally used our platforms in the past 2 years:

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Oprah Winfrey

John Legend

Bernie Sanders

Pharrell Williams

Michelle Obama

Steve Case

Denzel Washington

We provide deeply interactive conversations
using custom-developed technology.

VoiceVoice events bring influencers and other stakeholders into purposeful conversation around
important topics, allowing participants to express themselves and take concrete action.

About Us

VoiceVoice is the Conversation Company. We create great conversations, with proprietary technology, and work with partners and customers driving national and global change. We are proud to have customers like the (Obama) White House and (for more than 8 years) Obama political arm, as well as customers like Airbnb, Uber, Stanford University, the National Science Foundation, and the World Bank. We have built two major technology platforms, the first of which (MaestroConference) has engaged more than 8 million participants, including the President and Michelle Obama personally, as well as many governors, senators, nationally known artists, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

About The Conversations

For us, conversations aren’t typed, but spoken, with real person-to-person live back and forth (and with us, done virtually). Our platforms always bring the magic that occurs in small, intentional groups of like-minded and/or diverse individuals, and with clear and shared direction, but with a format that scales to many parallel small groups.

The Details

Here's how it works:

Pre-Recorded Instructions

The host uploads (or selects from YouTube) inspirational content as well as instructions or questions to guide the group discussion.

Live Video-Chat Discussion

The focus shifts to fellow participants automatically after each video.

Customizable Controls

Participants navigate with host-authored buttons through additional content such as: subsequent lectures, instructions, Q&A’s, or whatever the host authors.


Purposeful Live Conversations
that Scale.

Tho host authors the content once, then the platform automatically creates groups of people based on matched registration dates, so each participant has a live conversation with other people at a time that works for them.

And the platform provides many ways to share the conversation, leading to organic and exponential growth.

scalability graphic

We've hosted more than


Participants on our technology platforms *

...and supported hundreds of organizations in creating interactive events that get up to 75% opt-in rates.

(*) Hosted primarily on the MaestroConference platform.


For Thought Leaders and Event Participants - A conversation like no other

  • Meet respected innovative thinkers and leaders
  • Discuss topics in a format where you get to share your experience and insights
  • Collaborate on areas where you can have the most leverage

For Event Hosts - Engage Your Network

  • Catalyze change by creating conversations about what’s most important
  • Create a sense of community, with real relationships and shared values
  • Foster collaboration and accelerates collective action
  • Generate more traction: members, fans, and revenue

For Sponsors - Create Trust, Brand and Relationships

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders, customers, prospects, partners, media and more
  • Enhance trust and appreciation of your brand
  • Get opt-ins, leads, PR, earned media and relationships
  • Opt-in/lead generation rates can reach up to 70%

See What Organizations Around The World are Saying About VoiceVoice.

People love the fact that it’s as convenient as a webinar or conference call, but light years more exciting and engaging because they actually contribute to the conversation.

"We are starting to see the tremendous impact social conferencing is having on how volunteers feel connected with each other and the Obama 2012 Campaign."

Eric Kuhn

"How awesome would it be to be able to get on the phone and give an audio presentation to 50, 100, or even several thousand people at the same time?"

Howard Jacobson

"The calls are run by facilitators on a system [...] which allows for both voting by phone and smaller breakout calls in the middle of a larger call."

Justin Elliott

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