Use Cases

Strategic Lead Generation & Email Outreach

Using this strategic outreach approach coupled with the VoiceVoice technology, our team has helped clients generate phenomenal results: 5x-20x+ times higher than industry standard performance for cold emails, with positive email response rates of 15-25% and attendance rates of 8-10% from ice-cold, “out of the blue” list of emails. We’ve also used this same approach for our own lead gen efforts. See our list of roundtables designed for strategic influencers.

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Stakeholder relationships

Build relationships with partners, prospects, colleagues, influencers, sponsors or other important stakeholders.

Higher response rate

Skip the invitation to “participate” in a one-way webinar—improve email response rates by up to 20x (vs. industry standard on cold email) with a unique invitation to “speak”

Higher attendance rate

Increase attendance rate 3x-10x higher than typical webinars or conference calls.

Better engagement

A better, more effective way to get people to join an event and take action than a simple video meeting or conference call.

Higher action rate

Get a higher percentage of attendees to take an action than they do after attending a Zoom call.

Build community

Develop and nurture a highly engaged and strategy-oriented group of influential people.

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Greenpeace raised awareness of their Stop Plastics Campaign and engaged more supporters using VoiceVoice.

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The Results

4.5/5 Satisfaction
41% Attendance Rate
52% Took Action

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