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The VoiceVoice platform allows hosts to generate unlimited numbers of guided, small group, live video discussions, without the host actually needing to attend.

Traditional conferencing platforms (e.g. MaestroConference, Zoom, Teams, etc.) are designed for one-time (or few time) events where the host has to attend every event in order to lead and facilitate the participating group or audience.

Whereas an “event” on VoiceVoice is meant to be an ongoing series of live video, guided, small group discussions, with or without the host attending.

With VoiceVoice, the host designs and records (once) the facilitation elements for a purposeful conversation (or “event”), such as the agenda, introductions, discussion questions, group activities, etc. The host then simply sends out a link and invites groups of people to have the conversation (event) at any time. The platform leads or “facilitates” the live small groups (hundreds, thousands, potentially millions) with the recorded guidance and allows those groups to introduce themselves, discuss, get trained and move into action as a group based on the conversation (or “event”) you design. You as the host do not need to be there for every conversation/event.

Sign up for a demo here or contact us at if you don’t find a time that works and we’ll reach out to schedule a demo. Or sign up for a 30-day free trial and get started today.

Why, yes, yes we do, thanks for asking! We offer a 30-day free trial OR up to a certain number of participants (whichever comes first), depending on the plan you’d like to try.

In addition to our free trial, we also offer a few other ways you can experience the platform firsthand:

  1. Schedule a demo with us: book a demo here, contact us at and we’ll arrange a time to walk you through the platform live.
  2. Join an actual conversation on VoiceVoice: you can find the list of conversations open to the public and register here. NOTE: if you join a public conversation, we do ask that you participate fully (meaning there will be other people in the group expecting to have the conversation so we ask that you not "kick the tires" in a public group).
  3. Host your own conversation: the VoiceVoice platform allows for participants to be able to schedule and host their own private time(s) for one of our public conversations, meaning the registration date/time wouldn't be visible nor available to the public, you'd have the conversation ONLY with the people you've shared the link with (so you can definitely kick the tires and/or have the convo with your own group of people). To host your own time, contact us at and we can help, or you can visit any of our registration pages here and click the “Learn More” link below the RSVP button.

For our Starter and Professional plans, you can choose from a monthly plan or an annual plan (16% savings with an annual plan purchase).

There’s not a single conversation/event option, per se, but with our monthly plans, you can cancel at any time, there are no minimum monthly contracts, so essentially, you can purchase a plan for one month if you want to host a single conversation. (Note: Annual plan purchases are nonrefundable.)

Yes you’ll have access to the interface that you and your team can use to design the conversation(s) on your own (according to the number of Supported/Non-Supported Designers on your plan).

All monthly plans can be cancelled at any time, there’s no minimum commitment, so no contract is required (annual plan purchases are nonrefundable). For more info, you can view VoiceVoice’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Yes, you can design all of the videos and web assets within your VoiceVoice conversation to be branded with your company logos, style guide, etc. There’s also a premium option for custom branding of the platform itself (a “white label” version of the platform). Let us know what you have in mind for custom branding and we can provide an estimate. Email us at

The platform can accommodate up to 100,000+ Simultaneous Participants at a time - if you’re interested in pricing for more than 2,500 Simultaneous Participants, contact us at or call us at (877) 414-1515.

We’d love to answer them. You can request a demo here and/or call us at (877) 414-1515.