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Digital Engagement Tool for Advocacy Organizations

Progressive advocacy clients have used VoiceVoice to build awareness of their cause and scale their mission with deeper engagement to large, geographically distributed communities of supporters, activists, teams or other stakeholders.

Action-driven organizations such as The Climate Mobilization and Women’s March Foundation have hosted conversation series on the VoiceVoice platform designed to activate and mobilize lapsed, latent, likely or existing supporters.

Four people engaged in a video and audio call on a laptop screen


High growth

Grow your supporter base, no matter your team size or organizational budget.

Engaging and memorable

Activate and deeply engage your supporters at scale, without your team needing to attend and lead every session.


Create engagement that scales across time zones, geographic regions and beyond any one person, team or department.

Get more supporters

Find potential new supporters, convert latent or lapsed followers into active supporters, engage current supporters of your organization’s cause/mission.

Attract more volunteers

Mobilize and train activists and volunteers without needing additional personnel or resources.

Foster deeper connections

An opportunity for deeper connections with your organization’s supporter network.

Global reach

Bring people from across the world together in a way that inspires them to take action—invite your supporters to have deep, meaningful conversations on topics they care passionately about.

Higher action rate

A better, more effective way to get people to join an event and take action than a simple video meeting or conference call—a higher % of attendees report completing an action than they do after attending a zoom call.

Move up the engagement ladder

Move people from petitions to a higher engagement, offline activity—get your supporters to make a significant commitment (hours, not minutes) towards your cause.

Drive change

Foster a culture change or change in behavior.

The Climate Mobilization used VoiceVoice to build awareness to their cause and inspire participants to take action.

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