Use Cases

Virtual Conferences: Before, During or After The Main Conference

For event attendees, the best part of a conference is the connections they make with each other during the event, and most attendees want a way to start building those connections before the conference starts and stay connected after it’s over.

But for event organizers, the amount of work it takes to plan, promote, and produce the main conference is almost a year-round commitment. So there’s little to no bandwidth, resources or energy to produce multiple and/or ongoing events before and after the conference.

Four people engaged in a video and audio call on a laptop screen


Broader reach

Expand your conference’s reach and scale your effort and impact without needing to constantly plan, organize, manage and attend ongoing events.


Offer limitless networking opportunities for event registrants, presenters, partners, prospects, and sponsors.

Increased sponsor ROI

Enhance conference sponsorship packages by offering sponsors an innovative, interactive, unique, virtual-first way of connecting with the audience, increasing the ROI of their sponsorship buy.

Foster deeper connections

Provide your audience with an opportunity for deeper connections—have more conversations, meet more new people than you would have at an in-person conference.

Ease of use

Easy-to-host virtual meetups with and for your community.

Attract more presenters

Attract more presenters by being able to offer them the opportunity to share their story and their brand with more people, and give them a unique way to engage with the audience in the small group conversations.

Uplift your brand

Offer a terrific and engaging experience, a great substitute/replacement for in-person networking.

Boost participation

Crowdsource your event’s audience for ideas and inputs generated by participants.

Easy opt-in collection

Collect easy opt-ins for event organizers and sponsors.

Content that lasts

Develop an evergreen asset for ongoing marketing, engagement, promotion and lead generation efforts.

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