Use Cases

Interactive Trainings, Webinars & Workshops

Science shows that the best way for people to learn is through social learning and through the positive peer pressure of sharing what you’ve been doing. There has not been a platform conducive to social learning... until now.

A laptop screen displaying a video call with four participants watching a pre-recorded session of a person teaching in front of a whiteboard


Available 24/7

Deeply engage groups on their own schedule 24/7 without requiring trainer participation—each manager or project team can schedule a truly interactive training independently.


Give your training team the tools to teach people how to be better engineers, better managers, in a way that can scale for a 60-person team or 6000-person company.


Automate your training modules while still keeping your participants engaged with the material and with their small group.


Scale your training program with both live events and asynchronous sessions tool for hundreds (or thousands) of employees from across the world and across timezones.

Engaging & memorable

Increase your training team’s ability to deliver engaging, effective, memorable training that’s also remote friendly, self-guided, and with no facilitator needed.


Bridge the gap between human interaction and training for your employees, teams, departments.

Skip the 1-way webinar

Grab your employees’ attention, keep them engaged and accountable, give them a space to apply the training.

Keep your students interested

Introduce an innovative way to execute group training and fight meeting fatigue.

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