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From the team that built MaestroConference, introducing the all-new VoiceVoice platform, a new way to engage your audience by connecting like-minded people in guided, face to face, live video conversations, without you as the host needing to attend.

Some of Our Customers

Tracey Hixton

Nextep, Inc.

This is a brilliant way to wow people with your technology.

Bill Scheurer

On Earth Peace

The VoiceVoice platform is flat-out brilliant. There are so many potential applications in our community building and development work.

Martha Grant

The Action Network

I think Voice Voice has potentially massive implications for how mass movements train activists to lead in our communities.

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About Us

Our platform allows hosts to generate unlimited numbers of guided small group video conversations, without actually attending. The host records (once) the facilitation elements for a purposeful conversation (such as agenda, video guidance, and activities). The platform facilitates up to millions of live small groups with the recorded guidance and allows those groups to discuss, navigate together, get trained, and move into action. Here’s a short preview of the platform:” (and then show Jose's VV recorded demo here).