VoiceVoice & TechSoup Global Network 50% Discount for Nonprofits

Social Impact & Engagement That Scales Across Time Zones and Geographic Regions.

VoiceVoice is proud to partner with the TechSoup Global Network in their mission to scale global NGO impact and engagement by supporting and empowering nonprofits and charities through innovative technology.

From the team that built MaestroConference, VoiceVoice is a new video platform for nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and change leaders who want to deeply engage groups of people on their own schedule (24/7) without requiring a host to lead every event.

Our customers choose us not only because of our reputation as a solid and secure progressive technology partner, but because of the unique features our technology creates for grassroots activation, training, coordination, and fundraising.

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About VoiceVoice × TechSoup Global Network Nonprofit Program

We’ve seen that decentralized technology gives everyday people the tools and platforms to lead progressive change. New technologies are enabling activists to connect, communicate, teach, raise money, mobilize, engage and inspire to take collective action at previously unimaginable speeds and scales.

In the face of these changes, some organizations are rapidly innovating. Others, however, are struggling to evolve.

That’s why VoiceVoice is proud to partner with the TechSoup Global Network in their efforts to help organizations grow and build capacity and are offering a 50% discount on all monthly or annual plans for up to three years.

We have partnered with the TechSoup Global Network to confirm eligibility. Be sure to check out their country-specific eligibility guidelines before beginning your application.


VoiceVoice offers the first and only solution to host virtual events either on a live or asynchronous scale.

The platform allows hosts to generate unlimited numbers of guided, small group, live video conversations, with or without the host actually needing to attend.

The host organization pre-records (one time) the facilitation elements for a purposeful conversation e.g. the agenda, video/audio guidance, instructional prompts, and group activities. The platform then “facilitates” multiple live small groups with the recorded guidance and allows those groups to discuss, connect, navigate together, get trained, and move into action at their own pace, on their own schedule, 24/7/365.

From icebreakers to training, movement-building to community-building, VoiceVoice has helped organizations like Women’s March, Greenpeace and Climate Mobilization scale their impact + offer virtual events across time zones and geographic regions without having to staff them all.

VoiceVoice enables leading progressive organizations to engage their community in meaningful conversations at massive scale.

It’s very difficult to engage very large numbers of geographically distributed people, with an experience that feels truly engaging.

At scale, an organization can easily livestream a video/audio panel, host a typed discussion on social media or a reddit thread, broadcast a 1-to-many webinar or speaker panel- none of which gives a real “seat at the table” for your members’ voices. These one-way broadcasts create an “audience” but not a “participant.”

VoiceVoice empowers organizations trying to train or mobilize volunteers, engage donors, or activate large numbers of supporters, with the only technology capable of giving those important stakeholders a real voice.

The platform provides an opportunity for you to connect more deeply with your global community by offering your supporters an online experience equivalent to (or exceeding that of) participating in-person for more relationship building, deeper engagement, more effective training and more action.

  • Connect & engage your community wherever they are, whenever they’re available
  • Grow your supporter base, no matter your team size or organizational budget
  • Activate and deeply engage your supporters at scale, without your team needing to attend and lead every session
  • Create engagement that scales across time zones, geographic regions and beyond any one person, team or department
  • Find potential new supporters, convert latent or lapsed followers into active supporters, engage current supporters of your organization’s cause/mission
  • Mobilize and train activists and volunteers without needing additional personnel or resources
  • Bring people from across the world together in a way that inspires them to take action - invite your supporters to have deep, meaningful conversations on topics they care passionately about (Check out how Greenpeace used the platform to get 52% of their supporters taking action to combat plastic pollution.)
  • A better, more effective way to get people to join an event and take action than a simple video meeting/conference call- a higher % of attendees report completing an action than they do after attending a zoom call
  • Move people from petitions to a higher engagement, offline activity- get your supporters to make a significant commitment (hours, not minutes) towards your cause
Senior National OrganizerGreenpeace USAAnna WagnerWe had a very high action ratefor conversation attendees, ahigh majority of attendees wereactually taking action duringthe call (which is substantiallystronger than Zoom”) Program LeadClimate AwakeningJessie Anne BainesUsing the self-guidedconversation tool, ClimateAwakening has hosted almost200 Climate EmotionsConversations, enabling us toreach a much wider audience” UN representativeInternational Alliance of WomenSoon-Young YoonHave you ever got really tired ofthose Zoom calls where there wereendless panelists talking and youdidn’t get a word in? Or wish thatyou could meet just a few of themand have your own conversation?This is what you can do inVoiceVoice.”

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